Purchasing Your Teen’s First Car

Few milestones are as thrilling for teens and nail-biting for parents as buying their first car. Teens get excited about the freedom to drive themselves around the area. Parents get anxious about the potential for speeding tickets and higher insurance premiums.

Regardless of the different perspectives, that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. With the right amount of research, you can get your child on the road successfully and safely.

Keep the following ideas in mind when assisting your new driver shop for their first car.

Doing Your Research

It’s essential to research what kind of vehicle your teen needs. Firstly, consider the needs of the vehicle. How long and where are they typically driving? This can help you determine whether to buy something new or if preowned is the way to go. Keep in mind you can also attend an auto auction that can be a great alternative to a used car dealer. While looking be sure to check out more than one place when purchasing a vehicle.

Safety After The Sale

Following a structured maintenance schedule is crucial for your teen’s safety while driving as well as maintaining the vehicle. This includes making sure they check tire pressure, headlights, and take the vehicle into the shop whenever it’s time for maintenance. From an insurance point of view, it’s generally easier and cheaper to add a new driver to your existing policy than to shop for other insurance providers.

Encouraging safe driving habits is vital for avoiding accidents as well as prolonging the life of the car. Aggressive driving puts excessive wear on the engine and brakes. This also increases maintenance costs and could involve your child in a potential accident. Speeding is the cause of 31% of fatal collisions. Wearing seat belts and avoiding texting while driving are critical safety rules that teens should follow in any case.

For more ideas and tips about navigating shopping for your teens’ first car, take a look at the accompanying infographic below.

Infographic created by Capital Auto Auction, an auto auction company

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