Benefits of Taking an Online Defensive Driving Course

A driving course is required to cover and revisit things that people forget after taking their learner’s examination. By attending this course people can deal with bad situations that they may have to face while driving like emergencies and carjackers.

This will help people to handle the vehicle in a safe way even when it is pouring rain or the climate is too windy. By taking an online defensive driving course people will feel more confident while driving.

What are the Benefits of Taking an Online Defensive Driving Course?

It will be easy to get out of any traffic ticket and the judge will think that the driver is showing signs to make themselves better in driving if the driver is attending an online driving course. Few other benefits include:

  • The ticket cost if any will be less compared to the person who doesn’t attend any driving course.
  • Sometimes the ticket will be dismissed as well if the judge is satisfied with the driver’s attempt to learn more.
  • Insurance rates will be lower.
  • The safety of the driver and the driver’s family will be more in this case as in this online defensive driving course the driver will have a chance to learn more tricks and ways.
  • The driver will feel more confident and can handle all the situations on the road when he is driving.
  • Attending online courses will be more convenient when compared to offline as even while attending this course one can work at their own pace.
  • This acts as a key factor for the family’s safety on road.

Who are eligible to take defensive driving training?

Following people can take the defensive driving training whether it is online or offline.

  1. Commercial vehicle drivers
  2. Drivers who are working for any specific organization
  3. Drivers who have to drive emergency vehicles
  4. Equipment operators who have to deal with uneven conditions on the road
  5. Any person who has to drive a four-wheeler or two-wheeler

Defensive online Course duration:

Generally, a judge allocates a specific time to complete the driver course. Depending on the state the duration in which this has to achieve will differ. Many states give a mandatory duration of four to six hours and some states will ask to complete at least 12 hours of online defensive driving course.

There will be a test at the end of the training on the things people learn during the training period.

Cost of a Defensive Driver Improvement Course

For driver improvement classes many clinics will charge according to its availability but on average, the charge will be around 95$.


Do not wait for a judge to ordain the online defensive driving course. It is always better to get the certificate beforehand and improve their driving. Few insurance agents will take this certificate and pay money for taking the defensive course as well.

Before applying for a defensive driving course to get an insurance discount it is always better to verify with the agent or insurance company depending on the state in which the insurance company is present.

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